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EMAX Lite Spec LS2207 (2400kv)  FPV Racing
EMAX Lite Spec LS2207 (2400kv) FPV Racing

EMAX Lite Spec LS2207 (2400kv) FPV Racing

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Emax has released their Lite Spec motors tailored to FPV racers. With N48SH Arc Magnets, NSK high-efficiency bearings, and .15mm silicon steel lamination, alloy composite shaft core, the LS Series continues to push the envelope.
Part Number: EMX-LS2207
Availability: In Stock.


  • NSK high-efficiency bearings 
  • 0.15mm silicon steel laminations
  • Aluminum shaft with hardened steel core
  • 1.8mm N48SH ARC Magnets
  • Screw capture for bell. Easy to service
  • Stealth black anodized color, with silver beveled edges
  • Reduced base size. Lower the weight and easier to make sure not to short your wires with long screws.
  • 16mm x 16mm mounting holes ( 19x16 is the past) future frames don’t need to have slotted mounting holes.
  • 120mm 18AWG wire. Testing has shown a 5% increase in performance with thicker gauged wire compared to 20AWG wire.
  • New bell design with upper and lower beam support to reduce damage from impacts.


  • Configuration: 12N14P 
  • Diameter: 27.5mm 
  • Height: 31.2mm 
  • Prop Shaft Diameter: 5mm 
  • KV: 2400
  • Voltage Input: 3-5s LiPo
  • Max.thrust: 1271g
  • Weight: 35.7g


  • 1x Motor
  • 5x 3mm arm mounting screws
  • 5x 4mm arm mounting screws
  • 1x replacement bell housing screw
  • 1x replacement bell housing washer
  • 1x EMAX Stickers

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