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MotoLab Tempest F4 Flight Controller FC

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Part Number: TEMPEST-F4
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This is the latest, greatest and the best F4 flight controller in the marker.  MotoLab  did it again , released new TempestF4 Flight Controller with direct plug-in connection to VTX and Camera with available custom cables.

MotoLab Tempest F4 Flight Controller Specifications:

100+A PDB with motor current sensor
MPU6000 gyro/acc on SPI bus
Betaflight OSD
Micro SD slot with DMA support
Up to 5 serial ports plus USB
Up to 6 Dshot motor outputs
Serial inverters for SBUS and S.PORT
1.5A 5V regulator with LC filtered 5V for OSD and camera
Plug-in connection to VTX and Camera
Buzzer and serial LED outputs
38x40mm board size with 30.5mm mounting hole spacing

The Tempest F4 is compatible with Betaflight using the new MLTEMPESTF4 board target.

Package Include:
1 x Tempest F4 Flight Controller
1 x 2.5" HS1177 Camera Cable
1 x 2.5" TBS Unify Pro HV Race VTX cable

TempestF4 PinOut: CLICK HERE

Betaflight wiki Link: Click HERE

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