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Motolab Cyclone
Motolab Cyclone

Motolab Cyclone

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The Cyclone uses the STM32F3 CPU with ARM-Cortex M4 core and floating-point coprocessor for more efficient execution of fast-looptime control algorithms, along with the low-noise MPU-6000 SPI-bus gyro chip for faster acquisition of gyro data.

This board is compatible with the recent revision of Cleanflight and Betaflight firmware, using the MOTOLAB target files. The PWM outputs are bi-directional, and the board is complatible with BLHeli ESC passthrough programming through the USB port using recent versions of BLHEliSuite.

The design also provides:
* An on-board 600mA switching regulator for direct connection to lipos up to 4S, or up to 6S with power filtering.
* USB interface independent of UART channels.
* Three hardware UARTs. The UART 2 TxD signal is also pinned out to a connector.
* Reverse current protection on lipo and USB inputs for problem-free ESC calibration.
* Dedicated serial LED output with lipo voltage and GND.
* On-board buzzer driver with 5V and lipo voltage option.
* Built-in VBAT monitor with low-pass filter from lipo input.
* Built-in RSSI monitor with low-pass filter.
* Dedicated SAT receiver interface with 3.3v using JST connector for compatibility with Spektrum/LemonRC cables.
* Dedicated PPM and serial receiver interfaces with 5V power using 0.1" headers.
* Compatibility with receivers using Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, SumD and SumH receivers with built-in inverter.
* High-quality gold plated 4-layer printed circuit board.
* Connector arrangement for convenient access to serial interfaces, with PWM and other device connections on sturdy through-hole pin headers.

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