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Motolab MotoF3

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The MotoF3 is an integrated flight controller with power distribution board.  The board designed to fit MOTO-X230 frame available at RocketCityFPV.com and the Warpquad 200/230/270 frames. The board has a 32-bit STM32F3 CPU with 256K of program flash for compatibility with Cleanflight or Betaflight firmware using the MOTOLAB board target. On-board features include 2Mbyte SPI flash memory for blackbox data logging, audio buzzer, and a 4S compatible switching power supply. Interfaces include PPM, SBUS, Spektrum SAT, and two external UART channels (in addition to the third UART dedicated for SBUS/SAT). The built-in DFU USB device is used to avoid conflict with UART interfaces. Four PWM outputs for motors plus two additional PWM signals for servo passthrough are provided.

The MotoF3 board greatly simplifies assembly by eliminating the need for a spider-style wiring harness.  The ESC sign wires are solder directly to the flight controller board.  TX and RX wires can solder directly into the board or may purchase the connector separated.

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