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Motolab TyphoonF4 Flight Controller

Motolab TyphoonF4 Flight Controller

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  • Typhoon:Typhoon Pintout
  • Typhoon:Typhoon Pintout
A complete FC, PDB, VTX, OSD and MicroSd system with F4 CPU on two boards with minimal cabling.

Typhoon F4 Flight Controller:
  • 168MHz STM32F4 version of Tempest

  • 100+A PDB with motor current sensor

  • MPU6000 gyro/acc on SPI bus

  • Up to 4 serial ports plus USB

  • Up to 6 Dshot motor outputs

  • Serial inverters for SBUS and S.PORT

  • 1.5A 5V regulator with LC filtered 5V for VTX and camera

  • Plug-in connection to VTX board

  • 38x40mm board size with 30.5mm mounting hole spacing

  • The Typhoon F4 is compatible with Betaflight using the new MLTYPHF4 board target.

  • The F4 board mates directly with the VTX board with no external wiring between the two.

Typhoon PinOut (Click Here)

Betaflight wiki link: Click HERE

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