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SunnySky X2204S-16 2300kV Motor GenII

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Sunny Sky 2204 Motor
Part Number: 100109
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Genuine SunnySky X2204S KV2300 II brushless motor designed specially for multirotors in 200-300 sizes.

The motor with a bullet prop adapter weights 22 grams.

The stator outer diameter: 22mm
Stator thickness: 6mm
Stator slots: 12
The stator poles : 14
Motor: KV 2300
No-load current: 1A
Motor resistance : 54m OHM
The maximum continuous current: 25A / 15S
Maximum continuous power: 370W
Shaft diameter: 3mm
Containing motor shaft length: 31.2mm
Maximum Batteries: 2-4S
Recommended ESC: 30A
Recommended propeller: 5030, 5040, 5045_

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